War Dogs (2016) Review

War Dogs (2016) – Rated R – Reviewed September 6, 2016 – IMDb

War Dogs (2016)
War Dogs (2016)

Couple of things about this movie surprised me:

  1. That this thing actually happened
  2. That Jonah Hill is actually a pretty good actor

Who would have thought that two twenty somethings could win a 300 million dollar contract to supply arms? Knowing that this is a true story is what makes this an interesting movie to me. Imagine the crap that was going on in the cash rush following the Iraq war that nobody knows about. There might be a few more meetings in there at some point.

Jonah Hill has really come a long way as an actor. He plays an arrogant, narcissistic, jerk who is somehow kinda likable. A tough thing to pull off and he does it well. Miles Teller, the other half of the team is ok. He was pretty bland but that was ok because everything around him was almost surreal. From going to Arms Conferences (it’s like Comic-con but for arms dealers) to Iraq by way of Jordan and then Albania.

Bradley Coopers has a small role as an arms dealer and he steals every scene he is in. He pulls off, creepy, scarily calm really well.

So, I would recommend this movie but I don’t think you would lose anything by seeing this at home.

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