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Atari THE400 Mini Live | Gameplay, System Overview, Q&A

Atari brings the computer age home. Again! Welcome back to the Atari 8-bit world of computing! The powerful Atari 400 set a new standard of capability with its release in 1979, and along with its subsequent models, has been loved by gamers and computer enthusiasts for decades. Now Retro Games and Atari have collaborated to […]
berzerk recharged live

Berzerk: Recharged! NEW from Atari | WIN a STEAM KEY! | GenXGrownUp Live!

See Berzerk: Recharged a DAY EARLY! Blast your way through an endless maze inhabited by deadly robots and their invulnerable, menacing master Evil Otto. Tag in a friend in local co-op to help you survive this twin-stick revival of an arcade classic. #atari #berzerk #recharged #genxgrownup BUY YOURS SUBSCRIBE MERCH PODCAST […]