BK’s Whopperrito Review

Published on August 27, 2016

Behold, The Whopperito

Behold, The Whopperrito

Oh, where to begin with the Whopperrito.

I missed out on trying Burger King’s Mac & Cheetos earlier this summer, so when the Whopperrito made its appearance I was determined to make my way to The BK Lounge and try it before it too disappeared from their offerings.

I’m a fan of Mexican food as rule and anything wrapped in a tortilla in general; plus I’ve always preferred the Whopper to the Big Mac as far as fast food flagship sandwiches go, so this seemed like a no-brainer.  All the same ingredients minus the bun and plus a tortilla, right?  Well….

I’m sorry to report that the Whopperrito was just meh once it hit my taste buds. Overall the taste was a bit bland. It may be my affinity for Mexican food throwing a bias in there, but when I taste that flour tortilla swaddling meat and cheese my palate is also expecting some zip — a light burn of some hot sauce to offset the milder flavors. But nothing. Not even the Whopper sauce seemed to help.

In fact, the Whopper sauce was all but muted as it had turned into a watery pale orange thanks to the combination of the hot flame-grilled beef steaming the life (and moisture) out of the produce it had been rolled up with in that little flour sauna.

About three bites in I started to wish that I’d smuggled in some Taco Bell Fire Sauce.

So the end result was bland and a bit watery with no kick for my taste buds.

Good on you for trying something new, Burger King.  But next time I visit I’ll probably just have the regular old Whopper.


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