Jon Reddick is a well-credentialed nerd of the 80s, classic game fan, and technology geek. He merged those interests into the creation of GenXGrownUp: a weekly podcast and YouTube channel which explores and celebrates media, games, tech, toys, comics, and pop culture of yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.
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Go Driving with the Super Impulse Tiny Arcade Pole Position!

The Super Impulse Tiny Arcade line is always a favorite here at GenXGrownUp. Recently we grabbed the Tiny Arcade Pole Position and decided to take it for a test drive. Will this Tiny Arcade machine stand up to the competition or will it get left in the dust? #microarcade #tinyarcade #poleposition #genxgrownup Get Yours! » […]

Answering Machines

About This Episode Before the rise of smartphones, voicemail, and texting, the way we avoided missing important calls was with a tape recorder plugged into the wall. Now nearly extinct, the answering machine used to be standard equipment in most every home. In this episode, we remember this abandoned tech and the role it played […]
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This Tiny Arcade TMNT is Junk!

This Tiny Arcade TMNT is junk! You heard that’s right, folks. Jon is not happy with this Super Impulse Tiny Arcade unit. With talks of TMNT Shredder’s Revenge on the horizon, we decided to give this little unit a test drive. Unfortunately, we were very disappointed. #TinyArcade #TMNT #Rant Get TMNT Tiny Arcade » […]
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Classic Arcade Games: StreamBoss’ Choice! – Live Stream

We’re all nuts for classic arcade games. In this hangout stream, we’ll be playing a selection of these gems via the MAME emulator. We’ll take suggestions & requests from you in live chat, and as an added twist, the StreamBoss will be the ultimate boss of what we play and when we change it up! […]
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Is the Atari VCS Worth It? Atari Pie vs Atari VCS

Is the Atari VCS worth it? Well, Jon decided it was time to put it to the test and pit the Atari VCS against the Atari Pie in a battle of nostalgic domination. #AtariVCS #GamingNews #VCS #genxgrownup Get Your Atari Pi » (affiliate) Recalbox » Patreon » Merchandise » Subscribe » […]
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GravitreX: A Super-Charged Lunar Lander for 2021! – Live Stream

GravitreX is a physics simulation game that has you trying to land two ships on their respective platforms. Like the old classic Lunar Lander, but much more difficult and more heavily physics-based. And who wouldn’t want to play some super-charged Lunar Lander, right? Jon sure does! #GravitreX #LunarLander #GenXGrownUp Patreon » Merchandise » […]