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Muppet Show LEGO Minifigs | Can I pull a full set from FOUR BOXES?

The Muppet Show is a timeless classic, and so are LEGO minifigures. So in a chocolate-in-my-peanut-butter kind of way, these are two great tastes that taste great together! Each box includes 6 bags from 12 buildable Disney’s The Muppets characters to discover, plus one or more accessories and a collector’s leaflet. A fun addition to […]
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Donkey Kong Jr. 1983 Coleco Tabletop Arcade Machine STILL WORKS!

In 1983, Coleco licensed the Donkey Kong Jr. tabletop Game & Watch from Nintendo and released it in North America. It’s very unlike the other Coleco tabletops previously released, like Donkey Kong & Pac-Man. This one has a transparent skylight panel that serves to backlight a static LCD screen, but the gameplay is remarkably fun, […]