As someone who barely manages to squeeze in as a GenXer my memories include more of the 70's than those younger GenXers. Reading and movies are my passions with some video gaming thrown in there for good measure!

GenX Summertime Toys & Play

About This Episode It’s mid-June, school is letting out for the summer, and youngsters will be filling their next few weeks with warm-weather activities. In this episode, we remember how we spent our summer months growing up as Generation X kids! Patreon » » » » » GenXGrownUp.comPodcast » » […]

Fourth Listener Feedback: Star Wars

About This Episode Who knew that there were so many Star Wars fans out there? Well, we did! This is why we were not surprised at the number of Fourth Listener emails we received about our Backtrack celebrating the original 1977 Star Wars movie! So many of you contacted us that we decided to take […]

Top Gun: Maverick, Gravitar Recharged, & LunaPic

About This Episode We return to the skies and the screen with CAPT Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, check out some hardware to improve your home computer workstation for work or play, and play an action RPG where you are a man-eating shark on the prowl for revenge! Patreon » » » » […]

E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial

About This Episode It was forty years ago that a small alien visitor was accidentally stranded on our planet. He befriended a young boy and his family, developed a taste for _Reese’s Pieces_, and absolutely dominated the box office. In this episode, we look back on four decades of Steven Spielberg’s GenX masterpiece: E.T. the […]

Obi-Wan Kenobi, IQ Dungeon, & Mercury Reader

About This Episode We return to Hawkins, IN to check in on Will, Eleven, Hopper, and the Upside Down, review a company that specializes in ultra-high-end Star Wars lightsabers, and play a mobile adventure/puzzle game where you must save the princess – but not the one you’re probably thinking of! Patreon » » […]