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Backtrack: Retired Advertising Icons

About This Episode Back in the 70s & 80s, nothing sold a product better than a great mascot or spokesperson. Everyone knew Mr. Wipple, Chalie the Tuna, and the Maytag repairman, and they became almost synonymous with the products they represented. We thought that they’d be around forever but times change and many of our […]

Back Issue: Kraven’s Last Hunt (feat. Joseph Schmalke)

  About This Episode In this Back Issue episode of the Drawn & Paneled Podcast, the guys welcome comic creator Joseph Schmalke back to the show to talk about arguably the greatest Spider-man tale ever told, Kraven’s Last Hunt. There are hunters, spiders, and rat men, oh my! The guys dive deep discussing the action both […]

Russian Doll, Anthem, & Cord Cutting

About This Episode Jon, George, and Mo all have shows you need to watch, after years (literally) of delays Jon is finally getting a much-anticipated video game sequel, George brags about his incredible high score, and Mo is jealous of George’s incredible high score. All this plus we dedicate our entire tech section to answer a […]

Looking Back on Looking Forward 2018

About This Episode On each episode of the GenXGrownUp Podcast, we talk about the things we’re looking forward to. Often we follow up on these topics on a subsequent episode, but sometimes those topics slip through the cracks. In this Special Edition podcast, we’ve scoured every episode to find anything we were looking forward to […]