The Good Dinosaur (2015) Review

The Good Dinosaur (2015) – Rated PG – Reviewed December 2, 2015 – IMDb

Released November 27, 2015
Released November 27, 2015

OK, I am not going to be as careful about spoilers as I usually am with these reviews because, well, this movie wasn’t that deep and I don’t feel I would be giving away a whole lot.

At the opening scene, when the animals all gather around for the presentation of the new baby from pride ro…. ummm, wait… Am I confusing this movie with another tale about a young adult that isn’t living up to their full potential and goes on an accidental trip after a horrible tragedy and meets colorful characters who help him realize what is important in life and helps him mature along the way?


Well, that’s about as deep as the movie gets. Pixar does it’s usual great job of building up characters (I’ll always remember you Bing Bong!) and the computer animation of the scenery was amazing. If it wasn’t for the strangely-formed-dinosaurs-that-look-suspiciously-like-they-were-designed-for-the-toy-market, you would swear that some of the scenes were real.

Maybe Pixar just spoiled me and I have unrealistic expectations for what I expect from their films. I expect layers in their movies. I want them toying with my emotions without using the easy outs (Yes, there were some sad moments in the movie, just not very deep ones). I want a movie that I want to tell everyone to see.

This wasn’t it though. If you have younger kids, I would definitely take them to see this. Otherwise, I’d have been just as happy watching it on video.

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