How to Find the Zork-Style Easter Egg Hidden in Google06:15

Published on September 22, 2018

“You are standing in an open field west of a white house, with a boarded front door.” That famous line Zork from Infocom captured our imaginations as young GenX gamers and now Google has rewarded us with an all new Zork-style text adventure game. The best part is it’s totally free. All you need is a browser, (we show you how to use Chrome here) an internet connection and a subscription to GenXGrownUp (just kidding but we’d love it if you did!), and you’re ready to play! So grab a lamp, your old Zork maps, an Infocom t-shirt and prepare to be amazed as Jon shows you how to find and play Google’s hidden Easter Egg text adventure game.

#genxgrownup #google #infocom

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Jon Reddick is a well-credentialed nerd of the 80s, classic game fan, and technology geek. He merged those interests into the creation of GenXGrownUp: a weekly podcast and YouTube channel which explores and celebrates media, games, tech, toys, comics, and pop culture of yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.
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