Galaga 40th Anniversary

About This Episode

Four decades ago, the video game, Galaga, first appeared in arcades. Its combination of action, strategy, and iconic design have resulted in it regularly being praised as one of the greatest video games of all time. So in this episode, we’re celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the greatest space shooter to ever claim our quarters, Galaga!

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About The Author

Mo As someone who barely manages to squeeze in as a GenXer my memories include more of the 70's than those younger GenXers. Reading and movies are my passions with some video gaming thrown in there for good measure!

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Comment (2)

  1. Awesome listen you guys. I have the same thing with the ‘zoning in’. When I go to an arcade the first thing I always do too is check if there is a Galaga machine and when I play everything around me dissapears. It’s in it’s simplicty one of the best games ever. George, I almost do not dare to ask but what is your high score? Roughly. Thanks for those grouping and ‘messengers’ tips btw!


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