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Billboard Hits of 1983

About This Episode Forty years ago, pop music was still finding its voice in the post-disco landscape of the early ’80s. Many of our favorite songs, albums, and artists were vying for supremacy on radio and in our record stores. In this episode, we look back on the top hits of 1983 as determined by […]

Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

About This Episode In the summer of 1983, the third installment in George Lucas’s blockbuster science fiction series hit theater screens. The Force was stronger than ever as Return of the Jedi brought a thrilling and satisfying conclusion to the original trilogy, and laid the groundwork for what would come decades later. In this episode, […]

The Six Million Dollar Man

About This Episode It’s been nearly fifty years since “Col. Steve Austin, Astronaut. A man barely alive” got his bionic implants and leapt onto our television screens. That kicked off decades of cybernetically-enhanced adventures that have had a profound impact on all of media and pop culture to this day. In this episode, we’re visiting […]

GenX School Lunch Experience

About This Episode We’ve spoken several times on this show about our GenX educational experiences. But one particular part of school keeps coming up time & time again. It was part social club, part study hall, part hangout — oh, and by the way, you could also eat lunch! In this episode, with help from […]

Dungeons & Dragons

About This Episode If you spent any time in your youth talking about saving throws, half-elf paladins, gelatinous cubes, alignment charts, or encumbrance, then this Backtrack belongs in your bag of holding. We’re going back to the basement to remember the origin, impact, and lasting legacy of the granddaddy of pencil-and-paper role-playing games, Dungeons & […]

GenX Stuff We Can’t Stand!

About This Episode We’re always focused on celebrating the things we love about being GenX’ers, but not everything from our generation is worthy of celebration! In this Backtrack, we run down the products, trends, and pop culture associated with our generation, but that we absolutely cannot stand! Patreon » » » » […]