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Super Impulse manufactures miniature toys and games for the entire family. This year, SI sent GenXGrownUp an Easter Basket containing a sampling of some of their “World’s Smallest” and “World’s Coolest” toys. Watch to see some great ideas to stuff your Easter Baskets!

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World’s Smallest GI Joe Bundle Set of 3 Mini Figures » amzn.to/2VlRSMP
World’s Smallest Mini Care Bears Set of 4 » amzn.to/2RswkgA
World’s Smallest Uno Card Game » amzn.to/2XnhPOV
Worlds Smallest Classic Mini Collectible Novelty Toys » amzn.to/3c9akiF
Worlds Smallest My Little Pony Retro Collection » amzn.to/2VdPdVC
Tiny Arcade Ms. Pac-Man Miniature Arcade Game » amzn.to/3ehMZxl
Worlds Smallest Care Bears » amzn.to/3edMAfe
World’s Coolest Polaroid Camera » amzn.to/3e5clOC
Worlds Smallest Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots » amzn.to/2Ru1h3T
World’s Smallest World’s Coolest Turntable » amzn.to/2VwSXBV
World’s Smallest GI Joe Man » amzn.to/3e8pSoR
Worlds Smallest Magic 8 Ball » amzn.to/2XpF9eQ
Worlds Smallest Toss Across Game » amzn.to/2VgxlJG
Worlds Smallest Hot Wheels Hot Strip Track Pak » amzn.to/2XxAZ4u
Worlds Smallest Mr. Potato Head » amzn.to/2ViZYpF
World’s Smallest Power Rangers Bundle Set of 6 » amzn.to/3c0ycVI
Coogam Qiyi Cube Keychain 3×3 Mini Pocket Speed Cube » amzn.to/3c9yslj
Super Impulse Pac-Man Classic Tiny Arcade Game » amzn.to/2XqgAOX
Stuffems Toy Shop World’s Smallest Rubik’s Cube » amzn.to/2xjuszR
Micro Arcade Tetris » amzn.to/3ccHWvV
Tiny Arcade Games Boxed Set of 4 – Pac-Man – Galaxian – Space Invaders – Ms Pac-Man » amzn.to/2XpSfZF
Worlds Smallest Rock Em Sock Em Robots Actually Works » amzn.to/3ebuOcr
World’s Coolest Bob Ross Talking Keychain » amzn.to/3cep4gp
World’s Smallest Etch A Sketch » amzn.to/3c5N6Kj
Boardwalk Arcade SkeeBall Mini Electronic Arcade Video Game » amzn.to/2yRbiSq
Super Impulse World’s Smallest – Barrel of Monkeys » amzn.to/2RpJUkD
Working Tiny Retro Toy Versions Games and Cars » amzn.to/2VlUjPt
World’s Smallest Building Toys Set of 2: Tinkertoy and Lincoln Logs » amzn.to/2XlYPAm
World’s Smallest Stretch Armstrong » amzn.to/3eaezfG
World’s Coolest Atari Sound Keychain » amzn.to/3c9RU1m
World’s Smallest Lite Brite » amzn.to/2yOxRad

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