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Flintstones: Best Friends – 1976 Peter Pan Book & Record | Full Story!

Released in 1976, Flintstones: Best Friends, follows Fred & Barney as they try to go fishing on their day off, but their wives have other chores in mind. Will they ever make it to the lake? #genxgrownup #flintstones #peterpan Flintstones » Subscribe » Patreon » Discord » Merchandise » Facebook […]
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Space Invaders Arcade1Up Counter-Cade Review | GenX Classic Arcade Game

Relive the glory days of arcade gaming in the comfort of your own home with Arcade1Up’s Space Invaders at home Counter-cade! This is Arcade1Up’s entry into the mid-range, table-top arcade cabinet market. But at $200, could it possibly measure up to its hefty price tag? #genxgrownup #arcade1up #spaceinvaders Arcade1Up Products » Subscribe » […]

Night Slashers! Spooky Halloween GenX Arcade Fun – GenXGrownUp Live

Support the stream: Night Slashers, released to arcades in 1993 by Data East, is a horror-themed brawler where three elite fighters, an American cyborg monster hunter, a European vampire hunter, and an Asian martial arts expert, must save humanity from an army of monsters, mutants, and the undead. So what better way to spread […]