Excerpt from Warren Robinett’s Forthcoming Book Made Available Online

The Adventure Easter Egg in all its glory

Some months ago GenXGrownUp had the pleasure of having Warren Robinett live in our playthrough of his legendary Atari 2600 classic, Adventure.

We found the first-ever video game Easter Egg planted by Robinett himself, and he shared trivia and insight about the making of the game. He also teased his forthcoming book all about his experiences at Atari called, The Annotated Adventure.

It’s been some time since any update on this project: until this week. On Halloween 2018, Robinett sent out an email announcement to anyone who signed up to his mailing list to receive such info.

In the email, he shares a link to an excerpt from the book. Not just an excerpt, mind you, but what appears to be the entire final chapter.

What follows is the final chapter—partly an Afterword, partly a manifesto—for Making the Dragon: How I Built the First Action-Adventure Game, Planted the First Easter Egg, and Helped Launch the Video-Game Revolution, by Warren Robinett, soon to be released.

Unfortunately, this chapter is much less a peek into Robinett’s Adventure legacy and more a politically-charged call to action leading up to the United States midterm election, but at least it’s promising to see that work on the book is still ongoing and may be published sooner rather than later.

You can read the entire thing for yourself at makingthedragon.com, and to stay up-to-date on the book, head to warrenrobinett.com/adventure.

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