Backtrack: Payphones, Pagers, & Passing Notes

About This Episode

It’s hard to image that there was a time where you couldn’t get in contact with just about anybody, anywhere, anytime. In this week’s episode, we look at how our lives were different growing up as GenX’ers and how the way we communicated affected our lives. How did we survive? We did — pretty well actually.

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Show Notes

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About The Author

Jon Jon Reddick is a well-credentialed nerd of the 80s, classic game fan, and technology geek. He merged those interests into the creation of GenXGrownUp: a weekly podcast and YouTube channel which explores and celebrates media, games, tech, toys, comics, and pop culture of yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.

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Comment (2)

  1. God this episode was interesting to listen through. Being younger then all of you, I got to grow up as things change. Watching payphones slowly disappear as I was going through high school. Though I’ll say, with the awful shorten texts like THX, I see that from Older people way more than younger people -can’t speak for gen z-. And it is always MADDENING, just spell out your word please!

    Great episode!

  2. Thanks, Klonoa! Glad to hear from some 4th listeners who aren’t as old, but still get it!


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