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Barbarian, Prowlarr, & Chronology

About This Episode We watch an oddly structured new horror film that’ll have you second-guessing that next Airbnb reservation, test-drive the latest indexer application to help with your internet public domain acquisitions, and play a card game where the path to victory is is paved with your knowledge of world history! Patreon » » […]

The Incredible Hulk ’78

About This Episode Forty five years ago, one of Marvel comics’ most popular characters was brought to life for the small screen. For five seasons, David Banner wandered the country trying to find “a way to control the raging spirit that dwells within him.” In this episode, we remember the 1978 CBS television series, The […]

Sandman, Brave, & Yars: Recharged

About This Episode We review the Netflix series based on a legendary Neil Gaiman comic book property, test drive a web browser that promises tighter security with zero compromises, and play Atari’s latest game release that reimagines a system-defining Atari 2600 title. Patreon » » » » » GenXGrownUp.comPodcast » […]

GenX Roller Skating Rinks

About This Episode Having been invented in the 16th century, roller skates were certainly nothing new or unique to Generation X. But the advent of the disco-ball, light-show, rock-music-filled indoor social club and skating arena was decidedly of our generation! In this episode, we lace up for a spin around GenX-era Roller Skating Rinks! Patreon […]

She-Hulk, LEGO Atari 2600, & Cursed to Golf

About This Episode We review the new Disney+ series featuring Marvel’s second-best-known gamma-ray-irradiated superhero, see if LEGO’s expensive Atari 2600 set is all it’s stacked up to be, and play a new game where you must master 18 holes of putt-putt golf in order to save your mortal soul! Patreon » » » […]

Atari 2600’s 45th Anniversary

About This Episode This year marks the 50th anniversary of the origin of Atari and the 45th anniversary of the home console that launched an industry. In this episode, we look back on a half-century of blocky graphics and legendary games as we celebrate the Atari 2600! Patreon » » » » […]

Nope, Castle Kong, & Bluetooth Turntable

About This Episode We watch a documentary series where athletes challenge themselves in some of the most extreme conditions on Earth, check out an app that can help you and your closest friends earn money at the pump, and a gift from a Fourth Listener launches one of us into a console gaming adventure! “NOPE” […]

Mini Arcade Commerce (SFGE 2022 Panel)

About This Episode We had the great opportunity this year to host a panel at the Southern Fried Gaming Expo on Mini Arcade Machine Commerce. We love the fact that they are creating varying versions of the arcade cabinets we all loved growing up as GenX’ers, but are they worth it? How good are they? […]

ECW: Extreme Championship Wrestling

About This Episode When the Monday Night wrestling wars were in full swing, a small upstart promotion from Philadelphia hired a visionary promoter and together, they took sports entertainment to the EXTREME! In this Backtrack, we cover the origin, talent, and eventual demise of ECW. Patreon » » » » » […]

Gaming in the BBS Era (SFGE 2022 Panel)

About This Episode This year we decided to just go to the Southern-Fried Gaming Expo and have fun. But fun for us includes doing panels and connecting with the great folks who attended this awesome convention. We recorded the panel on BBSes that we hosted and want to share it with all of our Fourth […]

Resident Evil, Stray, & Quoridor

About This Episode We head to Raccoon City for the latest reboot of a horror series based on a video game, get a little artistic with some fantasy RPG miniatures, and play an adventure game where you are a lone kitty cat in a world of robots. Patreon » » » » […]

Films of Rob Reiner

About This Episode Most of us were introduced to Rob Reiner through his portrayal of Archie Bunker’s son-in-law, Meathead in All in the Family. But that was just the beginning of a long and successful career as not just an actor, but more importantly, the director of some landmark GenX-era films. In this episode, we’re […]
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