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The Dukes of Hazzard

About This Episode Forty-five years ago, a southern action-adventure comedy set in rural Georgia hit the small screen. For seven seasons in the early ’80s, we followed the adventures of Bo & Luke Duke and their ’69 Dodge Charger. In this Backtrack, we look back on the wildly successful CBS television series, The Dukes of […]

Douglas Adams

About This Episode If you always know where your towel is, then you’re likely already a fan of the topic of this episode. His Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series was required GenX reading, and his work is beloved by millions. In this Backtrack, we remember and celebrate English author, humorist, and screenwriter Douglas Adams! […]

Bad Guy Debates

About This Episode Everybody knows it’s more fun to play the bad guy, but which bad guys are the best. It’s time to debate! In this episode, Mo and Jon will state their cases for four infamous bad-guy match-ups from all corners of GenX media, and George as our moderator, will weigh the arguments and […]

Dangerous Toys We Shouldn’t Have Had

About This Episode We’re Generation X kids who grew up largely unsupervised and left to our own devices. That often resulted in “play” time being a bit rougher and more hazardous than those who grew up in later generations. In this Backtrack, we’re taking a stroll down memory lane littered with the most dangerous toys […]

Full Motion Video Games

About This Episode Photo-realism in video games is commonplace now, but for decades, storage and technology limitations meant blocky figures were the best we could get. But as the tech evolved, the use of actual video started to enhance the game experience. In this Backtrack, we look back at the rise and legacy of FMV: […]

Garry Kitchen on Donkey Kong, Activision, & MORE!

About This Episode One of the coolest benefits of being a content creator is having the opportunity to actually speak with some of the key figures who laid the foundation of the video game industry, and my guest for this video is without a doubt one of those individuals. He was there in the very […]