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Synchronicity (The Police)

About This Episode The Police was a GenX-era musical act that put post-punk & new wave into a whole new stratosphere. In this Backtrack, we remember, dissect, and debate their fifth and final studio album: Synchronicity! Patreon » » » » » GenXGrownUp.comPodcast » » » “Grown Up” […]

Missing, ChatGPT, & Gods of Gravity

About This Episode We watch the new thriller centered around a young girl investigating her mother’s disappearance, test out some cool headset accessories to take your VR experience to the next level, and play a free multiplayer VR game that puts you in command of fleet of starships! Patreon » » » […]

The Greatest American Hero

About This Episode In 1981, a Los Angeles school teacher and a mid-level FBI agent encountered aliens in the desert and were given a super-powered suit. Together, they worked to use the suite to fight crime and corruption, but things could’ve gone smoother if only they hadn’t lost the instruction manual. In this backtrack, we […]

M3GAN, LEGO Iron Man, & Ransom Note

About This Episode We head to the theatre for the new comedy/horror film featuring a creepy, murderous artificially intelligent doll, rebuild a favorite Marvel superhero in LEGO brick form, and play a board game where the object is to convey a message using a limited pool of words! Patreon » » » […]


About This Episode Leo Anthony Gallagher, Jr. was one of the most popular and recognizable comics of the 1980s. He was known for his keen observational humor, but even more so for his own special brand of prop comedy that featured an over-sized sledgehammer that sent bits of watermelon flying into audiences around the world. […]

The Recruit, Brick Economy, & Walkabout Mini Golf

About This Episode We watch a new action-packed Netflix series about a fledgling CIA lawyer jumping in the dangerous deep end of international politics, stretch our DIY muscles with a site that combines 3D printing and photography, and take our putters into cyberspace to try out one of the most popular putt-putt golf games for […]