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After looking at the preview art and talking with co-creator Pat Shand I am so pumped for this omnibus of creepiness! The anthology has a Creepshow feel with a modern point of view on things we all fear in today’s society. With the writing talent assembled, the book has all the potential to be a huge cult hit and I, for one, will be waiting by my mailbox until that envelope of gory goodness arrives. Due out in June of 2018, Modern Dread has already met its Kickstarter goal but there is still a little time to get in on the rewards of which there are many. Check it out on Kickstarter.

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MODERN DREAD is a 72-page black and white graphic novel of horror stories that explore what scares people now. With a mixture of timeless fears and modern anxieties, these stories pay homage to the horror of the past while paving way for a new, terrifying path. Our topics include:

  • Infected tattoos
  • Designer drugs with horrific side effects
  • Online harassment
  • Deranged Uber drivers
  • Losing a child
  • And that ever-present fear that bridges both young and old… the fear of death

These lean and mean stories are linked by a group of high school girls watching a horror movie marathon, which leads them to share tales of what terrifies them in the modern era. Yeah, we’re doing this Are You Afraid of the Dark? style!

All of us as creators also believe that horror isn’t scary unless you care about the characters. In each of these terrifying tales, we’re introducing characters that you want desperately to survive… but it’s up to our diabolical creators if they will. Meet the team:

PAT SHAND is a comic book writer and novelist known for his work on Destiny NY, Vampire Emmy, Iron Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, Avengers, Van Helsing, Robyn Hood, Adventure Time, and more. RYAN FASSETT is a comic book creator and filmmaker known for his work on the short film Robot and the comics Destiny NY and Alice in Wonderland: Steampunk. They’re writing the main feature story, plotted all of the short stories, and scripted two tales each.

Known for his work on Evil Dead 2. and  Army of Darkness, artist LARRY WATTS teams up with Ryan Fassett and longtime Robyn Hood collaborator Pat Shand to illustrate the main feature story.

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