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The Shocking Truth About GORF! – GenX Arcade Classic Gameplay!

Gorf (Midway Mfg. 1981) is an arcade classic and multiple-mission fixed shooter with five distinct modes, essentially making it five games in one. It was one that George & Jon played often in the arcades, and they take it for another run in this classic arcade RePlay! #genxgrownup #gorf #arcade Subscribe » Patreon » […]
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Atari Pong Quest Review | GenX Arcade Classic Evolved!

Atari PONG Quest™ is a new take on the seminal arcade smash. Take control of a brave young paddle and traverse treacherous lands – each loosely based on various classic Atari® hits – in this uniquely PONG®-themed dungeon-crawling RPG. Wondering if this new take on Pong is right for you? Find out in Jon’s comprehensive […]
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BloodLust 2: Nemesis Review | Vampire Hack ‘n Slash RPG

Bloodlust 2: Nemesis is a “Hack ‘n Slash – Dungeon Crawling – Action RPG” experience that will allow players to explore the dark underworld of a forgotten society of Vampires and their disciplines, all while trying to solve the secrets to their bloodline’s scientifically enhanced monstrous power. In this review, Mo takes a look at […]