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Chiller 1986 Horror Arcade Game by Exidy | GenXGrownUp Live

The Chiller video game controversy comes to GenXGrownUp tonight as Jon live streams the game in all its spooky glory. Chiller is an Exidy light gun arcade game released in 1986. An unlicensed port was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1990, but here we’re looking at the original arcade game. The player takes […]
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Pengo Video Game – Retro Arcade Classic RePlay

The Pengo Video Game was a classic retro arcade game first released in 1982 by Sega. Join Jon and George as they push cubes, smashing Sno-Bees and slip-n-sliding all over the screen as they steer Pengo to untold glory. #genxgrownup Subscribe » Facebook » Twitter » Website » Podcast » […]

Top Three Retro/GenX-Inspired Google Easter Egg Games

A short while ago we took a look at a Google Easter Egg that let you play an old-style text adventure: But we suspected that wasn’t the first retro-style, GenX-inspired game Google had hidden up its sleeve, and we were right! Join Jon as he takes a look at three more games you can […]
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Donkey Kong Spooky Remix | October Halloween Themed DK

It’s October, and that means time to start ramping up for Halloween! What better way than to have some fun with a scary twist on a GenX arcade favorite, with the Donkey Kong Spooky Remix from the fine folks over at the Donkey Kong Forum? They’re even holding a tournament and providing the ROM for […]