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My Arcade Micro Player Space Invaders Audio Update

The new My Arcade micro player Space Invaders machine is out and so is our review, but that tinny audio just didn’t cut it. In this quick update, we take our viewers’ advice and try connecting up to an external speaker to find out if that fixes the experience. Buy Space Invaders Now » […]
space inavders ma 2020 web

My Arcade Premium Micro Player Space Invaders Review

The new My Arcade micro player Space Invaders machine is out and you know GenXGrownUp wasn’t gonna pass up an opportunity to play the latest and greatest from My Arcade. In the past we have reviewed the My Arcade micro player Galaga machine, My Arcade micro player Pac Man, and more. Now we’re ready for […]
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Super Impulse Wacky Packages Minis – Can We Get All 66?

The new Super Impulse Wacky Packages Minis are out and we bought a whole damn case! “Why,” you ask? Because GenXGrownUp wants to see if it’s possible to get all 66 Super Impulse Wacky Packages Minis from one case! #wackypackages #worldssmallest #unboxing #miniproducts #minibrands #topps #genxgrownup Get Some Wacky Minis » Subscribe » […]

Arcade Classics Tetris #18 – Mini Arcade Review from Basic Fun

Been waiting to see the new Arcade Classics Tetris Mini Arcade machine? Well, GenXGrownUp ran out to Walmart just for you and grabbed the first one on the shelf. The Arcade Classics Tetris handheld mini retrogaming arcade unit from Basic Fun is something right up our alley. #tetris #tinyarcade #basicfun #toyreview #arcadegame Subscribe » […]
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Mappy My Arcade – Mini Arcade Review

Mappy from My Arcade is a great representation of how to do these Mini Arcade machines right. MY Arcade gamer portable machines are gorgeous and a My Arcade video game is always fun to play. Jon from GenXGrownUp takes us on the grand tour of this Mappy mini arcade. I mean after all, even though […]
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How To Build an Arcade Marquee Light Box

Would you like to own your very own Arcade Marquee Light Box? Well look no further, Mo from GenXGrownup has the “How To”, DIY video you’ve been looking for! #genxgrownup #arcade Parts ListQuadro Frames 8×24 inch Picture Frame » LED Strip Light White, 16.4ft Dimmable Vanity Lights » High Gloss White » […]