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New Wave Toys Replicade X Dragon’s Lair Review

The New Wave Toys Replicade X Dragon’s Lair cabinet has finally arrived and George is giddy. New Wave Toys has done an awesome job with their Replitronics line. From the New Wave Toys Street Fighter 2, to the New Wave Toys Asteroids machine, and now the New Wave Toys Dragon’s Lair cabinet. Buy Now » […]
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Monster Cereals 2020 – A GenXGrownUp Taste Test

It’s time to explore Monster Cereals 2020 with a GenXGrownUp Taste Test! Want to know the monster cereals 2020 release date, or monster cereals 2020 where to buy? Who cares, let’s just eat and reminisce and all that Halloween greatness! Jon tests all three flavors; Monster Cereals Boo Berry, Count Chocula, and Frankenberry. #monstercereals #CountChocula […]

Kingdom Classic Review

By GenXGrownUp Patron Mike C Kingdom Classic is a throwback to the graphical styles of ’80s video games. The game is very minimalistic in gameplay, only using the arrow keys and instructions. While most of the game is intuitive, there is still some initial mystery. The crux of the game is survival. As the sun […]
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Basic Fun Arcade Classics Frogger #06 Review

The Basic Fun Arcade Classics line machines are always fun and today we’ve been asked to review a favorite: Arcade Classics Frogger. The Basic Fun Arcade Classics list is ever-expanding and any time a viewer asks us to review a unit we are happy to oblige. So enjoy as GenXGrownUp Jon takes you through Frogger. […]