Season Premiere Battle: Supergirl vs. The Flash

Over the past two nights we have had two strong showings from the Arrowverse on the CW. At the time I write this Arrow is still lurking in the wings and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow remains silent on my DVR but I couldn’t wait any longer to write this.

Just FYI, I kept Supergirl in stasis and then watched both it and The Flash back to back because I wanted them to both be as fresh as possible in my mind’s eye. I also forced myself to only watch them once. I wanted to give my initial impressions before I did my typical Google research after the fact to glean every tidbit of information I could from these jewels. Anyway, enough about me, on to the shows!

Melissa Benoist is back and bad as Supergirl

Supergirl, AKA Kara Danvers, is back and she’s bad! Having just saved National City from the invasion at the end of last season, Supergirl has single-handedly rid her adopted hometown of almost all crime. Of course, that doesn’t mean all is perfect and we can see it on her face and in her dreams as she remembers both her long lost love, Mon-El, and her mother. Even the intro is darker this year, no voice-over, no upbeat tone, just dark and straight to the point. Supergirl has pulled away from everyone in her life and masked her pain by throwing herself into her work.

There are other things going on in this episode as well: The Alex/Maggie wedding, Lena Luthor, a new henchman/bad guy named Bloodsport (really CW, not one single JCVD joke?), and Adrian Pasdar?!? How many comic/Sci-Fi properties is this guy attached to?

To make a long story short (too late), Supergirl saves the day, comes back to her friends, and still has time to let Adrian know where his place in National City is. (Or at least on the boat that is.) Now just when I was ready to jump to The Flash we get one last Supergirl/Mommy flashback moment, wait… What!? That dream sequence belongs to another? Do we have a new “Last” daughter of Krypton? Oh, man, I can’t wait til next week.

Grant Gustin’s Flash

The Flash opens to a similar theme as we now have Iris Allen(?)-West throwing herself into a leadership role for Team Kid Flash/Vibe as the Star Labs quartet valiantly protect Central City in the absence of Barry Allen. The team has been giving Iris space for the past 6 months to grieve but it’s obvious she’s never getting over Barry. After a successful run-in with a minor league baddie who teleports but only 3 buildings at a time, the team is faced with and even more sinister samurai who has just one request. “Bring me The Flash”.

We also get some Joe/Cecile feels, the return of Caitlin Snow (the most over qualified bartender in the world), and our old Cisco is back!

The team frees Barry from Speed Force Prison but, of course, he’s not the man he used to be. Man, can this couple please catch a break! As the deadline looms it seems the only thing to shake Barry from his “Beautiful Mind” state is Iris’ imminent death. The Flash saves the day and everyone is happy again.

Of course it wouldn’t be a CW premier without the villain turning out to be a henchman of a bigger baddie (this time it’s The Thinker) and now you really didn’t think Killer Frost was gone forever did you?

When all is said and done, Supergirl had the stronger open with more possibilities for the season but there’s a lot to be said for both shows. I know that’s a lot to digest but eat up fast boys and girls as we’ve got Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow still on deck. Bye for now!


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