Backtrack: Retired Advertising Icons

About This Episode

Back in the 70s & 80s, nothing sold a product better than a great mascot or spokesperson. Everyone knew Mr. Wipple, Chalie the Tuna, and the Maytag repairman, and they became almost synonymous with the products they represented. We thought that they’d be around forever but times change and many of our beloved characters have been replaced. In this Backtrack we remember some of our favorites and talk about what made them so memorable.

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About The Author

Jon Jon Reddick is a well-credentialed nerd of the 80s, classic game fan, and technology geek. He merged those interests into the creation of GenXGrownUp: a weekly podcast and YouTube channel which explores and celebrates media, games, tech, toys, comics, and pop culture of yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.

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Comment (3)

  1. I believe that Gidget was the doggy’s name. She played a boy dog in the Taco Bell commercials though. She died in 2009 at the ripe old age of 15. The Wikipedia page on her seems to be incorrect about her commercial starting in 1993 though, considering she was born in 1994….

    The most upsetting commercial is when Morris went missing (and didn’t even know it) 30052104210971

    I’m probably showing my mid 30s here, but my favorite pizza hut mascot is pizza head:

  2. Hey, Anita! Maybe you didn’t listen to the episode, but we do mention that her name was Gidget. Thanks for the cool links!


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