Heavy Barrel My Arcade Micro Player Review

My Arcade Micro Player is back with the Data East favorite, Heavy Barrel. How will it tackle that unusual controller for this pint-sized unit?

My Arcade Heavy Barrel » amzn.to/2I8b8qy
My Arcade Karate Champ » amzn.to/2Thc7sv
My Arcade Pac-Man » amzn.to/2AJ186Q
My Arcade BurgerTime » amzn.to/2O9biQ8
My Arcade Dig-Dug » amzn.to/2ADbi8Q
My Arcade Galaga » amzn.to/2AGt1wf
My Arcade Galaxian » amzn.to/2OK2st1
My Arcade Mappy » amzn.to/2vj8MzF
My Arcade Bad Dudes » amzn.to/2viDAAJ


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