Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) Review

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016) – Rated PG-13 – Reviewed December 19, 2016 – IMDb

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016)

I read a couple of the reviews before seeing the movie and they were all over the place. Some loved it, others thought it was boring or hard to follow.


OK, I admit that I probably have a bit more of an emotional investment in this movie than some. I saw the first Star Wars, the real first one from 1978 not the train wreck that he did later, about 20 times the summer it released. I know, I know but it was such a cool movie that nothing else really compared that summer. (Although Close Encounters, that came out that same year, was pretty cool too)

But anyway, what it comes down to is that I figured if this movie could satisfy a die-hard Star Wars fan like me, you know, the one that will notice any inconsistencies, pick up on people that I recognize as characters from the original Star Wars and look for how well it fits into the “canon”… in other words nerds like me, then it was a good movie.

And it is. I felt that this movie really connected well to the series and made me want to go back and watch Star Wars again. It’s a more mature story than the original, definitely more PG-13 than PG but it’s a pretty dark story so it fits well. It even fixed a big flaw that all of us geeks had from the original Star Wars. Which was “How in the hell could you design something like the Death Star and let it be destroyed with a couple of bombs”? Well, now I know.

That being said, even my girlfriend liked it and she is not the Star Wars geek that I am. I can’t wait for the other secondary stories to come out.

If I had to find something bad about the movie I would say that the use of CGI to bring back two characters, one was Grand Moff Tarkin and the other which I will leave as a surprise was still really noticeable. Even given the fact that the actor who played Tarkin, Peter Cushing, died back in 1994 CGI still has a way to go in order to do realistic faces.

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