Krampus (2015) Review

Krampus (2015) – Rated PG-13 – Reviewed December 11, 2015 – IMdb

Released December 4, 2015
Released December 4, 2015

They say that the key to happiness is managing your expectations. I don’t know about that, sounds kinda sad if you ask me but it definitely applies to this movie.

When I saw the trailer, I knew right then that I was going to see this movie. It looked awful and terrible in all the right ways. It had me hooked the same way that some people think bull dogs are cute.

I was hoping for an over-the-top, laugh-out-loud-at-how-terrible-it-is movie that will have me telling folks some of the most ridiculous scenes afterward.

And it just wasn’t….

It was a trashy movie that was struggling to have some respectability. Like a lawyer who is stripping on the side. It had decent actors and tried the usual horror movie formula of starting off with some small creepy things (where is everybody, why are there no people outside?), to someone getting separated from the herd and picked off without anyone knowing, (of course it’s safe to send our child out into a blizzard by themselves), to glimpses of the monsters (did you see that?), to the big reveal and mayhem ensues as everyone realizes they are in deep doo doo.

When the family was getting picked off I just didn’t like them enough to be that concerned and I didn’t dis-like them enough to root for the monsters. (Like the scene in Aliens where Burke tries to escape after they realize he’s a douche and the Alien is waiting for him. When I saw that movie in the theater, folk actually cheered for the Alien)

The movie wasn’t totally awful. The opening sequence was great and it had moments in there that were interesting. I would wait until next Christmas and rent it though.

My son has the best word for describing how I felt about the movie…. “meh”.

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