GenXGrownUp Partners with Evergreen Podcasts

Today we’re thrilled to announce that our family of podcasts, the GenXGrownUp Podcast and Drawn & Paneled, are partnering with Evergreen Podcasts. hosts a diverse and dynamically curated blend of creative shows, featuring a wide range of lifestyle and niche programming. Their network features a myriad of entertaining shows, rooted in high creative values and production quality.

When we started GenXGrownUp in 2017, our two key pillars were to produce quality entertainment and always have fun. We found that both of those guidelines align perfectly with Evergreen! Every show in the Evergreen family is from talented creators who are passionate about the content they publish, so we couldn’t find ourselves in any better company.

“All of us at Evergreen Podcasts could not be more thrilled to be adding GenXGrownUp and Drawn & Paneled podcasts. Both are really fun pop culture podcasts that merit a long, hearty listen and capture the essence of being a member of Generation X.” – Michael DeAloia, CEO Evergreen Podcasts

As a listener, the change will be seamless as both shows will continue to appear on the feed where you’re likely already subscribed. As creators, partnering with Evergreen means the opportunity to reach a wider audience and the ability to leverage the group’s listenership for even greater future opportunities.

To our audience, we thank you for your support thus far, and in your part in helping us get to this milestone!

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About The Author

Jon Jon Reddick is a well-credentialed nerd of the 80s, classic game fan, and technology geek. He merged those interests into the creation of GenXGrownUp: a weekly podcast and YouTube channel which explores and celebrates media, games, tech, toys, comics, and pop culture of yesterday and today through the eyes of Generation X'ers.

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