Baby Driver (2017) Review

Baby Driver (2017) – Rated R – Reviewed July 2, 2017 – IMDb

Released June 28, 2017

I went into this movie with absolutely no expectation as to what the movie was about. The title didn’t do much to make me want to see it (I mean Baby Driver?!?!?) but it has Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx in it so how bad could it be?

Well, not bad at all actually. It’s actually a (gasp) original story! No “2” after the title (although I would be surprised if they don’t do a sequel) no people in tights flying around, no aliens eating people, ( but if someone where to combine all three of those I would definitely it)  but this is a … you know… normal movie.

But it really is original. I mean the plot is pretty basic, guy gets in trouble with the wrong people and has to do things he doesn’t want to pay off a debt. But I can rattle off 5 movies that have that plot and were great flicks. (And I can, really) If you have a good one, post a comment on facebook! (I am turning off comments on my site because it just fills up with spam, it’ll also let me know if anybody is actually reading this).

The movie is also full of great music. The reason is that the main character has tinnitus and needs to listen to music to drown out the ringing in his ears. It is a creative way to make the music a part of the movie and not just background.

So if you want to see a good movie with some pretty great car chases and a pretty amazing cast, I would recommend this one.

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