Ant-Man (2015) Review

Ant-Man – Rated PG13 – Reviewed July 23, 2015 – IMDb

Released July 17, 2015
Released July 17, 2015

So I realized something about myself by setting up a site to post my thoughts on movies and such…

That it’s a lot easier to write about something when you have strong feelings about it.

Don’t get me wrong, I thought Ant-Man was a good movie and I would recommend it for anyone who enjoys the super hero movie genre that has been dominating the action movie scene (which includes myself).

The movie had excellent casting and acting. I was a little worried about Paul Rudd playing a super hero but he pulled it off well. The movie seemed to be going for the mix of humor and action that Guardians of the Galaxy pulled off so well but it didn’t quite get there in my opinion. It just seemed a little awkward about the mix.

Some of the funniest scenes involved one of Scott Lang’s (aka Ant-Man) friend, Luis, played my Michael Pena. When he’s asked a question, he goes into this long ramble that had me laughing the entire time.

The action was cool and if the movie was going to fail (in my eyes) I thought it would be on how they show the world when Ant-Man shrinks down. Lucky for us, they pulled it off and it made for some really cool scenes. The geek in me has to ask one question though. Why is it that whenever a movie wants to show something from the scale of something really small (Honey, I Shrunk, the Kids, any movie with bugs as the main characters) the “Normal” sized people all sound like a 45 being played at 33 speed (ok all you youngsters out there, if you don’t understand what I mean by that, go find a hipster friend or do a search on turntable speeds) and move in slow motion? Does time move differently based on your size? Does that mean that the shorter you are the slower time seems to move around you? That would totally explain why summers seemed to last forever when I was a kid.

So, I liked the movie but didn’t like like it. If you are not into this type of movie, this one will probably not change your mind. If you are into these movies, it offers plenty of satisfying moments.

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