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Atari Flea Market Acquisition

A few weeks ago I visited a local flea market and walked into a semi-established used video game vendor. I poked around a bit looking for anything good & vintage but really saw only a few bits & bobs. I asked the owner if he had any early Atari stuff and he directed me to […]
gocube firstlook web

GoCube: GenX Cube Puzzle Evolved! | First Look at High-Tech Rubik’s Cube

The GoCube is here! Join Jon for a first look video at an unboxing and tour of the features this high-tech puzzle cube has to offer. #genxgrownup GoCube on Kickstarter » Patreon » Merchandise » Facebook » Twitter » Website » Podcast » Theme: “Grown Up” by Beefy […]
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Qbert Board Game Review – @#*&^!

The Qbert Board Game is a blast from our retro past and we couldn’t wait to do this board game review for our GenXGrownUp audience. The Qbert arcade game was always one of Mo’s favorites so sit back and enjoy the walk through our retro tabletop memories with the Qbert Board Game. #tabletop #retro #genxgrownup […]
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Let’s Build The Bandai Pac Man Model Kit

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » It’s time to build the Bandai Pac Man snap-together model kit. All you need are two hands, $10, and the heart of a happy child. Luckily, Jon has all that and more. Pac Man is something he searches for every day so it comes as no surprise that he […]
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Rubik’s Cube Bluetooth Speaker?! – Quick Look and Test Drive

The Rubik’s Cube is an iconic toy and symbol of GenX, so it was inevitable that when I spotted this Bluetooth speaker made in the form of a Rubik’s 3×3 puzzle cube, I was gonna be a buyer. Time to take it for a test drive! #rubiks #bluetooth #genxgrownup BUY YOURS (affiliate) MERCH […]