Atari Flea Market Acquisition

A few weeks ago I visited a local flea market and walked into a semi-established used video game vendor. I poked around a bit looking for anything good & vintage but really saw only a few bits & bobs. I asked the owner if he had any early Atari stuff and he directed me to some giant 20-gallon storage tubs stashed away under a table.

What a mother lode! I poked through them and decided to make an offer on the whole lot, but he wanted about double my asking price. After a bit of back & forth, I decided to walk away. But I didn’t forget about these little treasure chests.

The day before Christmas I drove back to the flea market and he was still there. I struck up a conversation about the last time I was there, and ultimately we came to an agreement on price. I backed my car right up to his front door and unloaded his storage tubs directly into my trunk.

The photos in the gallery below display everything I was able to procure in the find.

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