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The Blues Brothers

About This Episode Four decades ago, Jake Blues was released from Joliet prison and he and his brother, Elwood, embarked on a mission from god. Their adventure became one of the most successful and beloved GenX-era musical comedies, so in this episode, we’re looking back at The Blues Brothers. Patreon » Discord » […]

Ice Cream Truck Experience

About This Episode As a kid playing outside with our friends, when we heard that tinny, out-of-tune rendition of “twinkle twinkle little star”, we knew we were in for a treat. It meant the Ice Cream Truck was not far away! In this episode, we remember that shared Ice Cream Truck experience from growing up […]


About This Episode During the explosive growth of home electronics but before the rise of online shopping, brick-and-mortar stores were a mecca for GenX electronics nerds. In this episode, we look back at the origin, history, and ultimate demise of computer super-retailer, CompUSA! Patreon » Discord » Facebook » Twitter » […]

John Hughes Films: Road Trip Edition

About This Episode John Hughes was behind some of the most successful and beloved films of the ’80s and ’90s: too many, in fact, to be contained in a single show. So in this episode, we’re looking back at four Hughes films that take place during a road trip! Patreon » Discord » […]

Top 10 Sitcom Theme Songs of the ’80s

About This Episode Some of the most memorable sitcoms ever on television came out of the ’80s. And the music that kicked off each of these shows would explain the premise, set the mood, or just generally get you in the right frame of mind for the fun you were about to have. In this […]

Mister Rogers

About This Episode We remember a man who spent more than four decades creating quality children’s television programming and if you watched TV growing up as a GenX’er, he was probably one of your childhood friends. We are talking about the life, work, and legacy of Mister Rogers. Patreon » » » […]