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The Greatest American Hero

About This Episode In 1981, a Los Angeles school teacher and a mid-level FBI agent encountered aliens in the desert and were given a super-powered suit. Together, they worked to use the suite to fight crime and corruption, but things could’ve gone smoother if only they hadn’t lost the instruction manual. In this backtrack, we […]


About This Episode Leo Anthony Gallagher, Jr. was one of the most popular and recognizable comics of the 1980s. He was known for his keen observational humor, but even more so for his own special brand of prop comedy that featured an over-sized sledgehammer that sent bits of watermelon flying into audiences around the world. […]


About This Episode Four decades ago, Kevin Flynn had to fight for his very existence after being scanned into cyberspace by an evil computer program. This fantasy film was not only a thrilling adventure, but also help lay the groundwork for the digital movie magic that seems so commonplace today. In this episode, we remember […]

Gift Guide for Geeks 2022

About This Episode Picking just the right holiday gift for the GenX nerd in your life can be challenging, but we’re here to help. Each year around this time we release our Geek Gift Guide. Once more this year, we’re going to run down some great gift ideas for the 2022 holidays, regardless of your […]

Howard Scott Warshaw Talks Atari & Yars 2

About This Episode GenXGrownUp sat down with legendary Atari developer, Howard Scott Warshaw, to discuss his book, Once Upon Atari, his history at Atari, details on the forthcoming Yars’ Revenge Sequel, and how he made the migration from engineer to therapist. See the Video Interview » ONCE UPON ATARI is an intimate view into […]

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

About This Episode In 1982, faith in the Star Trek franchise was waning. The lackluster performance of 1979’s Motion Picture could have marked the end for Kirk, Spock, & company. But just in the nick of time, a second film hit theaters and it was not only good, but so remarkable that it set box […]