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Rollie: A Brand New NES Homebrew Platformer! – GenXGrownUp Live

Support the stream: Rollie is a family-friendly platformer for the classic Nintendo Entertainment System starring Rollie, the rolling raccoon. Join Jon as he takes an early look at this new title, and speaks live with the creator of the game! Rollie on Kickstarter » Tweets by optovania #genxgrownup #nes #rollie Subscribe […]
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The Pedestrian – New Indie Puzzle Game – GenXGrownUp Live

You are The Pedestrian within the world of the public sign system. Using a node-based system, you must rearrange and connect public signs to solve unique puzzles. Immerse yourself in the active and beautiful 3D city as you travel through different parts of town solving puzzles and collecting mysterious pieces in your 2D metal sign. […]
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Lemmings, The Legendary Amiga Classic – GXG Live

We love us some classic computer games, and few are more classic than Lemmings on the Amiga! This 1991 release from Psygnosis & DMA Design was one of our favorites, and while it spawned tons of ports & sequels, this one holds a special place in our hearts. Subscribe » Facebook » Twitter […]