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Kool-Aid Jammers – A Retro Drink Mix Taste Test!

Kool-Aid Jammers have been around for a long time but recently Kool-Aid has re-released a few of their retro drink mixes and there’s nothing that a GenXGrownUp loves more than Kool-Aid. Join Jon as he takes us on a retro taste test and reviews these new/old Kool-Aid mixes! #genxgrownup #koolaid Buy Retro Kool-Aid Flavors » […]

Escape Room

Escape Room! After being invited to attend and try out the pre-opening of an elaborate new Generation X-themed escape room experience, George, Mo, Jon, & Rachel find themselves involved in something much more sinister than anyone could have imagined. Will they make it out in time — or at all? This is the first-ever GenXGrownUp […]
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How to Hack Joust into Defender | Arcade Classics Mini Conversion

Ever want to learn How to Hack Joust into Defender? Well, now you can, thanks to GenXGrownUp, Arcade Classics, and a drill?!? Join Jon on his latest Mini Arcade adventure! Get your own Joust » amzn.to/2sQprZy Get a Quadhands » amzn.to/2FPu6DI #genxgrownup Subscribe » GenXGrownUp.com/yt Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownup Merchandise » GenXGrownUp.com/merch Facebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUp Twitter […]