Fallout, Lunar Lander Beyond, & Progression of AI

About This Episode We watch a post-apocalyptic TV series based on an equally post-apocalyptic game franchise, explore how artificial intelligence is creeping its way into our lives, and play a brand new game that adds a layer of story onto a 1979 Atari arcade classic. Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUpTwitter » GenXGrownUp.com/twitterWebsite » […]

Civil War, Beelink Mini PC, & Cash Cow DX

About This Episode We head back to the theatre for latest kaiju team-up movie from Legendary pictures, check out a capable mini computer with a budget price that just might surprise you, and play a new arcade-style indie game featuring a cow with a pickaxe gathering gems! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUpTwitter » […]

Late Night with the Devil, THE400 Mini, & HP Smart-Tank Printers

About This Episode We head to the theatre for a demonic possession horror film unlike any we’ve seen before, check out some innovative inkjet printer tech that does away with those hated ink cartridges, and spin up a few hundred classic computer games with a new pint-sized gaming gadget from our friends at Atari! Patreon […]

Dune II, Northwoods Hodag, & Harold Halibut

About This Episode We watch the new medieval fantasy film starring Hawkins, Indiana’s favorite daughter, assemble some fun with a cryptic building toy gifted to us by one of our fourth listeners, and spin up the latest release of our favorite video emulation front-end to see what’s new! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUpTwitter […]

Lisa Frankenstein, Audio Technica, & Deliver Us Mars

About This Episode We head to the theatres to see a new comedy/horror film that would feel right at home in the ’80s, check out some tech that delivers crystal-clear free content to your fancy Smart TV, and dive into the latest from the Life is Strange franchise where your superpower is psychic empathy! Patreon […]

Beekeeper, Shower Power, & qomp2

About This Episode We head to the movies to see Jason Statham’s latest film where he’s a one-man vengeance machine, check out some innovative and entertaining tech designed to be used in the shower, and play a brand new game that evolves the classic, Pong, into a methodical action adventure! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook […]