My Arcade Tabletop Arcade Toys – Complete Checklist

Standard Edition Micro Players

  • Bad DudesREVIEW
    • Rescuing hostages, infiltrating enemy lairs, and collecting pieces to create the ultimate Super weapon—this is Heavy Barrel! First introduced in 1987, This multi-directional scrolling game has continued to be a favorite of the shoot-em-up style genre. Featuring fast-paced game play and challenging boss fights, Heavy Barrel is as exciting today as when it was first released in the arcade!
  • Bubble BobbleREVIEW
    • The Bubble Bobble Micro Player is one of many collectible mini arcade machines by My Arcade. The My Arcade Micro Players are premium 6.75 inch miniature arcade cabinets that feature high quality artwork inspired by the original arcade machines. They are boxed in collectible packaging that can be displayed in homes and offices. Micro Players feature 2.75 inch full color displays, removable joysticks, external speakers with volume controls, and headphone jacks.
  • BurgertimeREVIEW
  • Caveman NinjaREVIEW
  • Dig-DugREVIEW
  • Elevator ActionREVIEW
  • GalagaREVIEW
  • Heavy BarrelREVIEW
  • Karate ChampREVIEW
  • MappyREVIEW
  • Ms. Pac-ManREVIEW
    • A timeless classic, Ms. Pac-Man was originally created to pay homage to female gamers that helped make the original Pac-Man a success. The queen of gaming has since gone on to be a smash hit on her own, being dubbed the most successful arcade game of 1982.
  • Pac-ManREVIEW
  • Pac-Man 40th AnniversaryREVIEW
  • Rolling ThunderREVIEW

Premium Edition Micro Players

  • ContraREVIEW
    • The year is 2633 and the world is in grave danger. It is up to you, the Contra unit, to run, jump, and shoot your way through 10 stages to defeat Red Falcon and his army. Contra first hit the scene in 1987 and immediately set the standard for future platform shooters with its two-player co-op mode and engaging game-play. Features My Arcade’s CO/VS Technology which allows you to link your Micro Player with a friend’s for co-op play.
  • Space InvadersREVIEW
  • Street Fighter II – Champion EditionREVIEW
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