Marvel’s “What If” in the works for Disney+

Marvel Studios has been on a hot streak. The studio has been producing hit blockbuster after hit blockbuster for a little over a decade now. They have found some success on television as well. So, what’s next? Marvel’s parent company, Disney, will be launching their streaming service, Disney+, soon. There are already several Marvel series in the works or at least rumored to be in the works. There’s a lot to be excited about, like an animated Howard the Duck series. However, the newest announcement has comic fans like me very excited. Marvel’s classic comic series, What If, is reportedly on the docket.

It has been reported that What If will be an animated series on Disney+. The series will explore alternate scenarios from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One such story could be What If? #47- “What if Loki Found the Hammer of Thor?” President of Marvel Studios, Kevin Feige, will oversee the series. This gives the opportunity for MCU actors to return to the characters they’ve helped make so popular. 

What If first debuted in 1977 offering different takes to popular storylines such as “What if Wolverine Killed the Hulk?” or “What if Gwen Stacey had lived?”.  These were fun stand-alone stories that gave readers a chance to see what if their favorite character took a different path.  So far there have been 13 volumes of What If and Marvel recently released five What If one-shots that included “What if Peter Parker Became the Punisher?” As long as Marvel keeps making comics, you can expect a new batch of What If’s to pop up to offer different takes on modern story-lines.

I, for one, am excited by this announcement. To me What If is an integral part of Marvel publishing history. It’s great to see MCU embracing their comic roots by offering What If in a new format to the fans. Marvel currently has released 21 films with more on the horizon. That’s plenty of fodder to pull from for What If.








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