Let’s UPDATE the Replicade Asteroids Machine with New FIRMWARE!

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It’s time to UPDATE the Replicade Asteroids machine with new FIRMWARE! Replicade has some of the best machines out there for the retro arcade enthusiast and now with the new Asteroids firmware release, we thought it was time to take a minute with this machine and see how it checks out.

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New Firmware » newwavetoys.freshdesk.com/support/solutions/articles/43000625537

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? S U B S C R I B E

? P A T R E O N

? M E R C H

? P O D C A S T

? D I S C O R D

? S O C I A L

? W E B S I T E

? T H E M E
“Grown Up” by Beefy » beefyness.com

? S P O N S O R S
King of Nerds » kingofnerds.tv
RetroDaze Web Site » retrodaze.com
RetroDaze on YouTube » bit.ly/2QLDFXh

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