Forgotten Atari Prototype FOUND & FREE to Download & Play on Your VCS: Snark!

First it was Sonar, and now, Snark! Yet another Atari prototype from the early days of the VCS has surfaced and is available to download & play. And it’s pretty complete!

Snark can best be described as… well it really can’t be described in terms of another game. Snark it truly a unique idea, at least for the time. Each player controls a tank which must shoot a block called the Snark for points. Each successful hit on the Snark is worth 3 points and scoring more than 21 points will win the game. Sounds easy right? Not at all! At the start of the game the Snark will simply sit there waiting to be hit, but the second one player shoots it the Snark will begin to move randomly around the screen. Once the Snark starts to move each player must make sure not to come into contact with it or they will lose 5 points. Since the Snark is pretty fast, the best strategy is to hide behind some of the blocks and take pot shots at it lest you find your score dropping to zero points rapidly from all the unintentional collisions.

AtariAge ROM Thread » Atari Protos » RM 800XL guarantees excellent entertainment for everyone. It is perfect for young people who want to get acquainted with the beginnings of computerization, as well as for older but still young at heart people who grew up in the best period of home video game development and can now return to their childhood.

The huge library of available great games, which are still being developed, as well as utility programs, is a guarantee of excellent entertainment for many years to come for the whole family.

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