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Donkey Kong Jr. 1983 Coleco Tabletop Arcade Machine STILL WORKS!

In 1983, Coleco licensed the Donkey Kong Jr. tabletop Game & Watch from Nintendo and released it in North America. It’s very unlike the other Coleco tabletops previously released, like Donkey Kong & Pac-Man. This one has a transparent skylight panel that serves to backlight a static LCD screen, but the gameplay is remarkably fun, […]
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Jurassic Park Basic Fun Tiny TV Classics – Quick Look

Basic Fun is known for its collectible games and toys, especially the Arcade Classics line. But now they’re just introducing a new line of Basic Fun Tiny TV Classics featuring four different televisions across different decades, and including clips from pop culture film and TV classics. In this video, we take a quick look at […]

Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon Special Edition Quick Look – Cook & Becker / Tim Lapetino

Pac-Man: Birth of an Icon is a new commemorative hardcover book full of historical imagery, concept designs, marketing photos and more. The book examines Pac-Man’s design philosophy and origins through the artists, designers, developers, and other creative teams who brought PAC-MAN to life. #pacman #collectible #genxgrownup BUY NOW (affiliate) MERCH PODCAST […]
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Q*bert Replicade Review – AUTOGRAPHED Warren Davis Edition from New Wave Toys

We scored a Warren Davis autographed Q*bert from the New Wave Toys’ Replicade line! Mo is our resident Q*bert super-fan, so he runs this one-sixth scale reproduction through its paces and delivers his observations in this review. #qbert #newwavetoys #replicade #genxgrownup #warrendavis MERCH PODCAST DISCORD SOCIAL WEBSITE THEME […]