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Live GenX Music Quiz! – Tamara Dever’s Ultimate Mix Tape

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » Have fun and win prizes in The Ultimate Mix Tape live GenX music quiz! Guest and author, Tamara Dever, joins the stream as we take a trip down musical memory lane to test your ’80s music knowledge. #genxgrownup #musicquizwithanswers #70smusicquizwithanswers #80smusicquizwithanswers #musicquizguessthesong Visit Totally Cool ’80s to learn more […]
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Music Quiz With Answers: The Ultimate Mix Tape Book Review

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » GenXGrownUp reviews The Ultimate Mix Tape, a music quiz book with all the answers! It is an awesome book that challenges your knowledge of ’70s and ’80s music. If you love the music of that time then you will want to check out this book! #genxgrownup #musicquizwithanswers #70smusicquizwithanswers #80smusicquizwithanswers […]
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Car Wars Board Game – the Road Rage Role-Playing Game!

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » Car Wars was created back in the early eighties by legendary game designer, Steve Jackson. Join Mo as he talks about the game he loved growing up Generation X! #carwarsboardgame #carwarssixthedition #card games #familygames #geekculture #stevejackson #tabletopgames #genxgrownup S U B S C R I B P A […]
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Reaction to Pac-Man Clone: Piranha!

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » Arcade clones were all the rage in the arcade era. In this video, Jon tries out and reacts to one of the many, many Pac-Man clones, Piranha! #pacman #arcade #genxgrownup S U B S C R I B P A T R E O M E R […]
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Bubble Bobble Review – My Arcade Micro Player

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » The My Arcade Bubble Bobble Micro Player has been around for a while now, but Jon just added it to his collection. As luck would have it, a lot of viewers requested a review of this Bubble Bobble unit, and so, here we go! #genxgrownup #myarcade @donkeykong #clone S […]