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Split (2017) Review

Split (2016) – Rated PG-13 – Reviewed January 25, 2017 – IMDb For some reason I can’t NOT see an M. Night Shyamalan movie. I don’t know why but I’ve accepted that about myself. But I’ll be the first to admit that a lot of his previous movies were… well… terrible? Here is a much abridged summary […]

Battlecats #1-5 Review

Battlecats #1-5 Mad Cave Studios Written by: Mark London Art by: Andy King Letters by: Miguel Zapata/Chrisitan Ospina Color by: Alejandro Giraldo Cover Color by: Julian Gonzales Battlecats is an all-original medieval, fantasy epic created by Mark London. The story is set in the fictional realm of Valderia, an elaborate world shaped by both its rich history […]
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Bubble Bobble Review – My Arcade Micro Player

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » The My Arcade Bubble Bobble Micro Player has been around for a while now, but Jon just added it to his collection. As luck would have it, a lot of viewers requested a review of this Bubble Bobble unit, and so, here we go! #genxgrownup #myarcade @donkeykong #clone S […]