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The Good Dinosaur (2015) Review

The Good Dinosaur (2015) – Rated PG – Reviewed December 2, 2015 – IMDb OK, I am not going to be as careful about spoilers as I usually am with these reviews because, well, this movie wasn’t that deep and I don’t feel I would be giving away a whole lot. At the opening scene, when […]

Blue Yeti USB Microphone – GXG Reviews

After mucking about with multiple inferior mics, Jon finally took the plunge for the much-talked-about Blue Yeti. Does it live up to the hype? Look & listen as he does some real-world comparison recordings of several competing mics and then a deep dive into the features of the Yeti itself. Blue Yeti » Blue […]
ossi bone conduction review web

Function over Form? | Ossii Sound Bone Conduction Glasses Review

The Ossii Sound Bone Conduction eyeglasses are the latest entry into the bone conduction wearable market. Jon reviewed the original Zungle bluetooth glasses nearly two years ago, so watch as he compares & contrasts this new device from Ossii with that first generation product. #genxgrownup Get Ossii » Get Zungle » Subscribe » […]
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PacMan Arcade1Up Partycade | PCB Board Swap Step-by-Step How-To

The Arcade1Up Partycade is a cool piece of tech with some glaring performance issues. In this update, Jon will take you step-by-step through the process of changing out a replacement Arcade1Up PCB, and then re-test to see if the replacement part fixes the problems exposed in his initial review. #genxgrownup #arcade1up #partycade Subscribe » […]
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The NEW My Arcade Street Fighter 2 Mini has a BIG PROBLEM!

Join GenXGrownUp for Perks! » The NEW My Arcade Street Fighter 2 mini has a BIG PROBLEM! Several of our viewers have commented on our previous video about the My Arcade mini having a significant logic issue. Today Jon delves into the mystery of the Street Fighter 2 mini to unearth the truth. What […]