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Beekeeper, Shower Power, & qomp2

About This Episode We head to the movies to see Jason Statham’s latest film where he’s a one-man vengeance machine, check out some innovative and entertaining tech designed to be used in the shower, and play a brand new game that evolves the classic, Pong, into a methodical action adventure! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook […]

REWIND: Radio Shack

About This Episode Originally Aired October 04, 2018 “Breaker, breaker 1-9, I just eyeballed a bear trap with a bunch of Evel Knievels about 10 miles past the coop. So if you don’t want a bear bite back it down.” Huh? That was just some CB talk in honor of this week’s Backtrack Topic all […]

REWIND: Long Car Rides

About This Episode Originally Aired January 25, 2018 Are we there yet? Are we there yet? How many times have we spoken those words to our parents on those long car trips? How in the world did we survive those trips without DVD players, phones and Game Boys? Well, in this episode we look at […]

GenX Required Reading in School

About This Episode We likely all remember that moment in school when our English teacher passed out that first novel to the class. Whether you reacted with joy or terror, assigned material no doubt had an impact on your attitude and enjoyment of reading. So, in this Backtrack, we’re remembering and discussing the shared GenX […]

Ted, eXoDOS 6, & Steam Link

About This Episode We find out if Seth Macfarlane’s teddy bear films have enough stuffing to fill out a tv series, take a legendary arcade classic on-the-go with a new handheld gadget, and revisit the world of Portal with a new mod that breathes fresh life into Aperture Labs! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » […]

1984 – Van Halen

About This Episode Forty years ago, rock band Van Halen released their sixth studio album. Together, Eddie Van Halen, David Lee Roth, Alex Van Halen & Michael Anthony produced a hard rock album that kicked off what would come to be one of the best years for music ever. In this Backtrack, we remember and […]