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History 101, SmallRig, & Observation

About This Episode We watch a new Netflix series that puts an entertaining spin on historical topics, try some camera gear to bring your photography to the next level, and try a game where you play as private investigator solving crime with the help of a cat in a hat! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook […]

Soul, Logitech M720, & Ethan Carter

About This Episode This week we take a trip to the other side in Pixar’s latest animated adventure, take multitasking to the next level with some new gear from Logitech, and play a game where you’re a paranormal investigator unraveling the creepy secrets of a ’70s mining village. Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUpTwitter […]

Black Widow, Duskers, & Baba Is You

About This Episode George takes the lead in the GenXGrownUp desktop PC arms race, we review a new film where Nicolas Cage fights to get back his stolen truffle pig, and play a game where you pilot drones into derelict spaceships to research how the universe became one giant graveyard. Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook […]

GenX Films of John Landis

About This Episode One of the many great things about growing up as a Generation X’er is the caliber of our movies. A handful of talented directors honed their craft and brought us some truly great films during the late-70s and throughout the ’80s. And few can say they delivered as many landmark movies as […]

She-Hulk, LEGO Atari 2600, & Cursed to Golf

About This Episode We review the new Disney+ series featuring Marvel’s second-best-known gamma-ray-irradiated superhero, see if LEGO’s expensive Atari 2600 set is all it’s stacked up to be, and play a new game where you must master 18 holes of putt-putt golf in order to save your mortal soul! Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » […]

Turnbuckles and Territories – Magnificent Managers – Jim Cornette

About This Episode Managers are a key ingredient to a wrestler’s success both in and out of the ring. Although there have been many, few can rival the sheer vocal force of Jim Cornette. Today we look back on a career that rivals any Hall Of Famer. Patreon » patreon.com/genxgrownupDiscord » GenXGrownUp.com/discordFacebook » fb.me/GenXGrownUpTwitter » […]