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Galaga 40th Anniversary

About This Episode Four decades ago, the video game, Galaga, first appeared in arcades. Its combination of action, strategy, and iconic design have resulted in it regularly being praised as one of the greatest video games of all time. So in this episode, we’re celebrating the fortieth anniversary of the greatest space shooter to ever […]

Q*bert Creator, Warren Davis Interview (SFGE 2022)

About This Episode GenXGrownUp had a great time at the 2022 Southern Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta, GA. While there we had the additional treat of interviewing the creator or Q*bert, Warren Davis! He speaks about creating Q*bert, what it was like working in the arcade industry in the ’80s, his book, and much more!  […]

GenX TV & Movie Cars

About This Episode Whether they fly, dive, race, or drive, the media of our youth spawned some of the most iconic cars ever to hit the screen. In this Backtrack, we’re running down some of the most memorable cars from GenX-era movies and television series! Patreon » » » » » […]

Star Wars Debates

About This Episode In honor of Star Wars Day we are having a debate on some of the most controversial arguments in Star Wars! Who shot first? What’s the best order to watch the entire nine movies? J.J. Abrams: savior or Zuul? Join us and see who is right and who is wrong! Patreon » […]

Top 10 ’80s Movie Soundtracks

About This Episode The right soundtrack has the power to make a good movie great and a great movie awesome. In this Backtrack, we run down our top ten favorite motion picture soundtracks from the films of the 1980s! Patreon » » » » » GenXGrownUp.comPodcast » » » […]

Backtrack: Christmas Is For Kids

About This Episode So everybody knows about Rudolph, but do you know how Donner and Blitzen joined Santa’s Team? Or what about the moose that wanted to pull Santa’s sleigh? If not then you are missing out on some “should be” classics that Jon shares with us from his favorite childhood Christmas Album, “Christmas is […]