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Back Issue: Spawn #1 (feat. Joel Rodriguez)

About This Episode In this Back Issue episode of the Drawn & Paneled Podcast, George & Jason welcome Joel Rodriguez from Metal Ninja Studios to the show where they discuss the indie comic that started it all, Spawn #1. The guys really dive into this first issue where they discuss everything from the creative team to […]

Drawn & Paneled Back Issue: Howard The Duck #13 (1977)

About This Episode Today’s Back Issue has the team digging in on the 1st appearance of the rock band KISS in Marvel’s Howard The Duck #13?!?! Join us as we discuss Howard, Starchild, The Demon, Spaceman, and Catman in this very unusual issue. We’re Generation X’ers who spent a large portion of our formative years […]

Unikorn, Assassin Nation, Obliv18n (feat. Don Handfield)

About This Episode In this episode of the Drawn & Paneled Podcast, the guys welcome film and comic creator Don Handfield to the show where we discuss what’s happening with the Disney/Fox merger, Marvel auctioning off props and where to start if you’re new to comics. In the round table, we cover Don’s book Unikorn, […]