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The Pedestrian – New Indie Puzzle Game – GenXGrownUp Live

You are The Pedestrian within the world of the public sign system. Using a node-based system, you must rearrange and connect public signs to solve unique puzzles. Immerse yourself in the active and beautiful 3D city as you travel through different parts of town solving puzzles and collecting mysterious pieces in your 2D metal sign. […]

Night Slashers! Spooky Halloween GenX Arcade Fun – GenXGrownUp Live

Support the stream: Night Slashers, released to arcades in 1993 by Data East, is a horror-themed brawler where three elite fighters, an American cyborg monster hunter, a European vampire hunter, and an Asian martial arts expert, must save humanity from an army of monsters, mutants, and the undead. So what better way to spread […]

Galaga Arcade PLUS Prequels & Sequels – GenXGrownUp Live

Galaga, one of the all-time top arcade classics where you are pitted against oncoming swarms of alien bees, is often imitated but seldom duplicated. In this live stream plays, George and Jon will play not only Galaga but explore its legacy of prequel and sequel titles. #genxgrownup #galaga Subscribe » Support the stream: […]
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Party Hard – Pixellated Murderous Mayhem – GenXGrownUp Live

Support the stream: It’s 3:00 a.m. Your neighbors are having a loud party. Stop them. Party Hard is tinyBuild’s award-winning stealth strategy game about ruining parties by any means. #genxgrownup #partyhard Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Facebook » Twitter » Website » Podcast » Theme: “Grown […]
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Elevator Action – 1983 Taito GenX Arcade Original Playthrough (and MORE!) – GenXGrownUp Live

Support the stream: Another classic ’80s-era arcade game, Elevator Action by Taito. Jon’s always wanted to see just how far this game goes, so on goes the infinite lives cheat in this casual Saturday evening live stream. #genxgrownup #taito #elevatoraction Subscribe » Patreon » Merchandise » Facebook » Twitter » […]