GenX Required Reading in School

About This Episode

We likely all remember that moment in school when our English teacher passed out that first novel to the class. Whether you reacted with joy or terror, assigned material no doubt had an impact on your attitude and enjoyment of reading. So, in this Backtrack, we’re remembering and discussing the shared GenX experience of required reading in school.

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About The Author

Mo As someone who barely manages to squeeze in as a GenXer my memories include more of the 70's than those younger GenXers. Reading and movies are my passions with some video gaming thrown in there for good measure!

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Comment (3)

  1. The dreaded summer reading list! Always an unexpected joy of summer. One of my favorites was The Great Train Robbery by Michael Chrichton. It may have been his first novel.

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you… now I know why I do not have a love of reading to this day. You guys hit the nail squarely on the head. Had I been encouraged to read things that were interesting to me, I may see reading differently than I do today. I read for knowledge, but not for pleasure. I put people that read for pleasure in the same camp as people that use the words ‘fun’ and ‘run’ in the same sentence.

    This was a driving force as to why my wife and I homeschooled our 4 kids; we both hated school. Our job as homeschool parents was to ‘key in’ to their interests and make it educational and fun. To this day, they love learning due to the ‘Lifestyle of Learning’ method we used. Unfortunately our first born took the brunt of our learning curve, but she turned out quite good if I say so myself!

    Keep up the good work with the shows!


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